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Specialty Items

Specialty Stampings

Fibre Materials Corporation has excellent facilities and capabilities to die stamp a very wide range of non-metallic materials into intricate shapes with close tolerances where required from the following materials:

Industrial Laminates: Paper, Canvas, Linen and Glass Grades G-3, G-5, G-7, G-9, G-10, and G-11; Glass Polyester (GP-1-2 & 3); Insulating Papers and Boards: Vulcanized Fibre, Fibre Boards, Fish paper, Gasket materials, Duroids*, Friction Boards, Rag Paper; Thermoplastics: Nylon, Delrin*, Nomex*, Mylar*, Lexan*, Styrene, Teflon, Polyethylene, etc,; Rubber Sheeting: Rubber Surfaced Laminates, Expanded Foams.

Fibre Materials Corporation is not dependent on a single source for its basic materials. In addition to our large inventory, the following are some of the companies from whose materials we fabricate, assuring quality parts delivered when needed:
Armstrong Cork
Case Brothers
Chase Foster
General Electric
Johns Manville
Manning Paper

Flat Washers

NYLON – All the common screw sizes and motor shaft sizes are represented. Many other special sizes are in stock or can be custom fabricated.

FIBRE – Many hard vulcanized Fibre washers are in stock. Other special sizes can be custom fabricated.

OTHER MATERIALS – Plastic Washers encompass a generic category that include a multitude of non-metallic materials we fabricate from.

Materials Include:

  • Hard Vulcanized Fibre
  • Fish paper
  • Fiber boards
  • Paper Base Phenolic
  • Canvas Base Phenolic
  • Linen Base Phenolic
  • Glass Grades
  • Glass Polyester Grades Delrin
  • Kapton
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene Rubber
  • Nylon Grades
  • Polyethylene Grades
  • Polypropylene Grades
  • Nomex Grades Rag paper
  • Teflon Grades
  • Polyester Film
  • Micanite Blends
  • Mylar Films
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Synthetic Buna Rubber
  • Santoprene
  • Shoulder Washers

    Molded from Natural Nylon
    Find a wide usage for insulating screws, studs and rivets in transformers, appliances, automotive and electrical parts. Conventional molds available as well as specialized molds made to your needs.

    Swaged from hard vulcanized Fibre – Standard color Black
    Shoulder washers find usage for insulating screws, studs and rivets in transformers, appliances, automotive, as well as electrical and electronic parts. Conventional tools available. Other sizes made to customer needs.

    Precision Slitting


    For many years Fibre Materials Corp. has been precision slitting non-metallic coils to exacting specifications.

    Our precision slitting department has serviced our existing customers with accurate widths and on time deliveries and is now ready to service you! Plastic roll goods from .031 thick down to .0015 (polyester films) can be slit from 36″ wide rolls down to narrow precision coils .250 wide with uniform tolerances of * .005. For example; for automatic feeding of coil stock for the clear windows in stereo cassettes, Fibre Materials is slitting oriented polystyrene clear film .015 thick cut in coils .945 * .005 wide on 3″ I.D. cores with 12″ to 14″ O.D.’s. Edge and surface quality of coils is excellent without crazing or surface scratching due to our highly trained personnel that are monitored by our exacting quality control department.

    The following is a partial listing of materials that we inventory and slit:
    Accopac (Armstrong)
    Celcon (R)
    Delrin (R)
    Duroids (Rogers Corp.)
    Fiberglass Tape
    Fish paper
    Hi-Impact Styrene
    Lexide (Latex Fibre Ind.)
    Nomex (R)
    Polycarbonate Lexan (R)
    Polyester Film
    Mylar (R)
    Celanar (R)
    Melinex (R)
    Holophane (R)
    Rag Papers
    Specialty Papers
    Vulcanized Fibre
    (R) Registered

    Our sales department will be ready to serve you with pricing information and answer any questions regarding materials and special cuts.

    Please send your inquiries to Fibre Materials Corp. or for one day service, call 516-349-1660.